Sculptor /Ceramist

Sculptor /Ceramist

I was born in Paris in an Ashkenazi family with russian and polish roots. Graciously, rather than the torments of the Slavic soul, my parents passed on to me their life-saving energy and their faith in the world’s beauty. I quickly turned to literature studies as well as piano, basked in gracious poetry from Nerval, Prévert, Debussy and Satie.

Years go by, children are born, and a career into human resources intertwines with my piano instructor activities.

At the end of the 1990s, I settle with my family in the Luberon (France), immersing myself, after Paris’s mineral and monumental beauty, into the vibrant one of a mutli-ochre land.

It’s during a meet at the “manufacture de Baccarat” that I discover, to my surprise, the art of fire. I was thunder struck and dazzled by the hypnotic spectacle of workers rafting their pieces.

An unfortunate accident deprives me of my piano. Ceramic is now how I get to express myself, and the earth – that of my land of adoption- a medium to my poetic pursuits. After an apprenticeship carried out alongside my professional activities, I now focus entirely on my craft, Ceramic. Days go by in my workshop, from wheel to furnace, clays to glazes, sheltered on my hilltop. My labouring of clay is driven by the search of emotions born from shapes and colours, just as they used to transpire in the notes of “Clair de Lune”.

Dans le vent des dunes - Emmanuelle Stolar Velon céramiste

In the wind of the dunes

Raw earth, sand colours, the outcropping texture
A soft warmth to the hand, pieces of work that call for a caress
Shapes are suggested, the technique is liberated

Fly me to the moon

Shapes reminding us of the female body as much as a remote planet

Fly me to the Moon - Emmanuelle Stolar Velon céramiste
Fly me to the Moon - Emmanuelle Stolar Velon céramiste

Fly me to the moon

Shapes reminding us of the female body as much as a remote planet.

Couleurs - Emmanuelle Stolar Velon céramiste


Endless and limitless research
Starting from the stone itself, from fragments collected throughout my wanderings on the hilltop
Iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, silica or kaolin are my piano notes
Glazed, crystalized, the clay reveals its colours under the fire


Pottery techniques training course (turning, modelling) – Danielle Casimiri (Lourmarin)

Professional training program – Marc Uzan, Wheel throwing and high temperature glazes.

École des Beaux Arts d’Aix-en-Provence, Workshop in Cadenet (84, Luberon France).

Emmanuelle Stolar Velon - sculpteure céramiste coloriste


Travail sur autoportrait - Emmanuelle Stolar Velon


Between the shape, its movement, colors of the clay or glaze inclusions once the kiln process has done its work.


When I pause my movement, faced with a self-evident shape, when I open my kiln and rediscover its curves.

Emmanuelle Stolar Velon sculpteure

Sensuality and Instinct

Soft and impactful at the same time
That leads to a multi-faceted beauty, transcending aesthetics

« My pieces of work are meant to be touched. Their vibrations awaken lost sensations, or bring about new feelings and emotions. »